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Three-time Emmy winning film, commercial, and podcast writer/director, Anthony Ladesich, is based in Kansas City, Missouri where he lives with his amazing wife and two adorable dogs. They all share space with his stupid record collection and dumb guitars. Ladesich, has worked for over 20 years as a writer, director, cinematographer and editor… producing award-winning films and commercials that have captured audiences across the world.


Ladesich’s work is driven by story and a desire to expose the human condition with a style based on the notion that there are two ways to tell a story: You can go a mile wide and an inch deep (which covers a lot of ground but doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what the story means) or you can go an inch wide and a mile deep. Ladesich’s stories go a mile deep to tell stories that profoundly resonate with the audience. These stories dig down to find a deeper purpose.


Ladesich’s work floats between commercial work, documentary, and narrative film as well as podcasts and music videos. His work includes: the podcasts “Corvalo” and “The Elmwood Strain”; the films  “Beat Your Hear Out: The Story of The Zeros”, “Two Sisters”, “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place”, “Corvalo”, “The Icarus 1”, “The Secret Story of Toys”, “Studio A”, “Cowtown Ballroom, Sweet Jesus”, and “Forty Five: The Search for Soul;” the web series “LOVEsongs,” “REPO” and “Six Month Chip”; and  music videos for Shiner, Pedaljets, Giants Chair, and Koney.  


Ladesich is currently working on the documentary film, “Beat Your Hear Out: The Story of The Zeros”, the new scripted podcast “Corvalo”, and the animated series “Balthazar & Snirt”.


Mile Deep Films is available for work on both coasts and anywhere in between. Or whatever, just hit us up to talk about sandwich secrets, coffee spots, bicycles, punk rock, or records.

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